comment nettoyer cup menstruelle dans toilettes publiques lieux publics

5 tips for cleaning your menstrual cup in public places - Luneale

You're not always home when it comes to emptying your menstrual cup, but don't panic, there are many solutions to make it a non-issue.

Our solutions to clean your cup if you had nothing planned

You didn't see that full cup coming, or you got caught up in a plan that lasted longer than expected. In short, you have nothing on you to clean it.

Stay calm, we have solutions!

Solution #1: Find a handicapped toilet

There are some in most public places, and these toilets are usually equipped with a private sink, so you can clean your menstrual cup without any problem. You have every right to use them if you don't have a disability, don't feel uncomfortable, simply disabled people have priority and it's normal!

Solution #2 : use paper

This is really the emergency solution, but you can empty your cup into the toilet bowl, wipe it with a bit of toilet paper or a tissue, making sure that there is no residue left afterwards, then reinsert your cup. As soon as you have access to water or get home, you can remove your cup and clean it properly. If it's only once in a while and not for too long, it's perfectly feasible.

If you're thinking ahead, cleaning your cup in public places is even easier!

From the moment you wear your cup in the morning, if you think of one of these 3 tips (in addition to the one about disabled toilets which is also valid for you), you will be totally serene in all cases.

Solution #3 : slip a second menstrual cup in your bag.

If you always have a spare cup with you, you can empty the first one, wipe off most of the blood with paper in the toilet, put on the second one and go out to clean the first one in the communal washroom. This is one of the reasons why we offer the Duo pack, with 2 menstrual cups.

Solution #4 : use a water bottle or a flask.

You can have a flask (or a water bottle) in your bag which will allow you to rinse your menstrual cup directly in the toilets of the public places. It's very simple and finally, many of us always have one with us.

Solution #5 : use Les Wipes, the cupfriendly wipes from Luneale

We have created the first cupfriendly intimate wipes that allow you to clean your cup as well as the possible blood residues on your vulva when you are in a place that does not allow you to clean your menstrual cup with water. They are packaged in individual bags, certified by Ecocert, biodegradable and compostable. This solution, can help you in many cases (at school, at work, on the road, in the evening, etc...) You just need to have a Wipe in your bag and you will be safe!

So, are you convinced by these solutions? Do you have any other tips to share with the community? Feel free to leave us a comment!

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  • Réponse au commentaire ci-dessus : Les règles ne concernent pas que les femmes, mais toutes les personnes qui ont un endomètre qui se renouvelle chaque mois. Cela inclus donc des hommes transgenres, ainsi que des personnes non-binaires. Merci Lunéale pour le langage inclusif!

    Marion on
  • Bonjour,
    Pourquoi écrivez vous votre article en inclusif…? Seules les femmes mettent des cup, non ? Quand bien même votre article s’adresse à Toutes les femmes y compris les homosexuelles ou transgenres, seul le sexe féminin est concerné par les menstruations. Il n’est pas question ici de rôle social ni d’identité sociale inférée par le genre, non ? C’est juste une question…
    Bien cordialement

    Lesimple on

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