Luneale cup menstruelle fabrication francaise utilisation

To get started

Our essential tips

1/At the very beginning, combine your cup with a pad, a panty liner or a menstrual panty. This has several advantages: if you have an accident because you did not manage to position your cup correctly, it will not be serious. Moreover, you will be much more serene. And finally, it will allow you to see if it is the case that yes, you have already put it on correctly, and yes, you have no leakage!

2/ You can do your first tests of handling La Cup outside of your period (by moistening it so that it slides better): this way, you will already have some experience when your period arrives. Keep in mind, however, that the vagina can be different outside of your period than during it.

3/ Don't stress if you don't get it right the first time: it takes an average of 1 to 3 cycles to understand the different manipulations and what works for YOU (which is not necessarily the same as for another person)

4/ Always wash your hands before manipulating La Cup.

All the manipulations in videos

Ready to switch for La Cup ?

✓ The most comfortable menstrual cup thanks to its stemless design.

✓ French made 100% medical platinum silicone, no dye, no additive.

✓ 5 years of use without throwing anything away.

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