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9 natural solutions for painful periods

More than 80% of menstruating people declare having pain during their period, including 10% who are subject to intense pain at the limit of bearability.
Conventional medicine is often effective against period pain, but there are also natural solutions that can help.
Let's review them.

To begin with, what are the causes of menstrual pain?

Menstrual pain, with its scientific name of dysmenorrhea, is an inconvenience known by the majority of regulated people. If in general the cramps are light and bearable, for approximately 10% of the people, they are very painful, even disabling.

It is necessary to distinguish 2 types of dysmenorrhea:
- Primary dysmenorrhea: this is the most common, the one that is not a symptom of another gynecological disorder. It is particularly common in young people and often diminishes with age or after pregnancy. This form of dysmenorrhea can be aggravated by various factors, including retroversion of the uterus, stress, smoking or alcohol consumption.
- Secondary Dysmenorrhea: This is the one that is a symptom of another disorder, such as endometriosis, a fibroid or an ovarian cyst.

Obviously, the two types of pain are not treated in the same way, and our advice is not intended to replace a discussion with your doctor or midwife, but it can help you relieve them.

1. Diet plays a role in menstrual pain

What we eat has a direct influence on our body (we all know this), but also on our pain.
So yes, during menstruation, we sometimes feel like eating sugar. But be careful, the brain trolls us: because the more sugar we eat, the more pain we have.
The reason is simple: sugar will increase the level of insulin, which will then cause the production of pro-inflammatory prostaglandin.
You should also avoid coffee and red meat.

On the other hand, choose foods rich in vitamin D, as this vitamin is known to reduce menstrual cramps:
- Fatty fish: salmon, mackerel, herring, trout, tuna...
- Cereals
- Eggs
- Mushrooms

Beware, we often read that soy milk is good for these periods, because it is full of vitamin D. But as it contains a lot of estrogen, it could also aggravate the symptoms in some people. So be careful.

quels aliments limiter ou privilegier pour soulager les douleurs menstruelles règles

2. Good hydration limits period pain

If you drink enough, you will avoid bloating, which can make your period pains worse. However, avoid carbonated or sweetened drinks (sugar should be limited) Of course, you can drink water, why not infused for the summer, but also teas and infusions.

Indeed, the heat increases the blood flow, which can relax your muscles that can cause some of the pain. In addition, some plants have particularly interesting virtues to fight specifically against menstrual pain. We have created L'Infusion, a synergy of 5 organic wild plants from Auvergne specially dosed to fight against your period pains.

Composition de l'infusion BIO Luneale contre les douleurs de règles

plantes à infuser contre les douleurs de règles infusion naturelle

3. Essential oils can relieve your menstrual pain

Essential oils are extremely concentrated and often very effective in fighting menstrual pain.

Luneale has created the Roll-On, a synergy of plant oils and essential oils specially formulated and dosed to help you get through your period without worry.
Our formula includes sage essential oil, which is so powerful that it is only available by prescription.

But if you prefer to make your own massage oil, here are 2 recipes that are suitable for over-the-counter oils, to be applied in a circular massage on the lower abdomen:

huile massage douleurs règles naturel huiles essentielles  huiles essentielles regles douloureuses DIY massage

4. Acupressure can relieve your painful period naturally

Some people get surprising results by massaging specific points on the body to relieve painful periods.
Acupressure is an ancient technique, originating from traditional Chinese medicine. It is based on the stimulation of energy points located on the meridians corresponding to the different organs.

Here are some points that can relieve menstrual pain:

If you have irregular periods, massage the SANYINJIAO point

How to find it ?

It is located 4 fingers above the malleolus, on both legs. This point is located on the Spleen meridian, and it is also at the crossroads of the Liver and Kidney meridians.

How to proceed?

Squeeze it for 1 to 2 minutes, then massage in a circular motion.

Who is it for?

It would be particularly effective on people with irregular periods.

<point santinjiao acupression contre les douleurs de règles-douleurs menstruelles

If you have heavy periods, massage the Taichong point

How to find it ?

It is located on the top of both feet, 2 fingers from the birth of the big toe, between the bones. This point is located on the Liver meridian.

How to proceed?

Squeeze it continuously, massage it in a circular motion or tap it with your fingertips.

Who is it for?

It would be particularly effective on people with heavy and irregular periods

Point Taichong acupression contre les règles douloureuses douleurs menstruelles

If you have very painful periods, massage the Lower Dan Tian point

How to find it ?

It is located 3 fingers below the navel, which is also the center of gravity of the body. This point is located on Conception Vessel, which would be the center of energy.

How to proceed?

You can choose to press continuously, massage in a circular motion, tap with your fingertips or press gradually and release all at once.

Who is it for?

It is recommended for people with heavy or very painful periods.

postures yoga contre douleur menstruelles règles douloureuses

7. Heat, a recognized solution for menstrual pain.

Using heat is probably the best-known menstrual pain solution on this list, but we wouldn't be complete without mentioning it. You can apply a hot water bottle to your lower abdomen, run hot water in the shower or take a hot bath. The effect is often very quick, as the heat relaxes the muscles and accelerates the blood flow to the warm area.

8. Osteopathy can relieve some menstrual pain

It is easy to think of consulting an osteopath when you have a blocked back, but did you know that he can help you in the case of painful periods?
This is particularly true if the cause of your pain is related to bone blockages, especially in the pelvis. For example, if your period pain is more intense since childbirth, this could be a real avenue to explore.

9. Electricity to get rid of your menstrual pain

Have you heard of TENS? It is Transcutaneous Electrical Neurostimulation, which consists of sending a weak current transmitted by electrodes placed on the skin that 'scramble' the pain signals sent to the brain and stimulate in parallel the production by your body of pain-relieving hormones (endorphins, enkephalins and dynorphins)

There are now devices that are small and discreet that you can wear whenever the need arises:
- Specific devices against menstrual pain, for example Livia (Belgian company)
- Multifunctional devices that can both treat painful periods but also a wide spectrum of pain (muscular, joint, digestive, sports recovery etc...). For example, the French brand BlueTens, which even has a mobile app.

So here are all the leads we've found to help you relieve your menstrual pain in a natural way. And, we repeat, if your pain is very intense, do not hesitate to ask your doctor to screen you for endometriosis, because this disease affects about 10% of menstruating people and it is not normal to suffer during your period.

Of course, feel free to leave us comments if these solutions have helped you or if you have other tips to share with our readers!

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