Quelle taille de cup menstruelle choisir ? Comment choisir la taille de la coupe menstruelle ?

What size menstrual cup should I choose?

Choosing the right size of menstrual cup is important, so here is what you need to know to make the right choice and find the ideal model that will allow you to forget your period.

Many brands of menstrual cups advise to choose the size of its cup according to its age or to the fact that you gave birth by vaginal way or not, and it is true that it seems simple.
But there is a problem: it is anatomically wrong.
Moreover, saying this maintains a preconceived idea about the bodies of people over 30 and mothers: their vagina would be softer, wider than before.
This is simply not true (even though it is important to pamper your perineum and make sure that it remains toned throughout your life).

There is a nuance however:
The size of a menstrual cup, it is its diameter, its capacity, but also its height.
And this height is important, because if the vagina is very extensible in width, the cervix can be placed more or less low according to your anatomy. So if you have a low cervix and you choose a 'high' menstrual cup (and even more so if it has a stem), you risk discomfort and leakage. La Cup Luneale has no stem, so the question is less raised: it is more convenient for us to offer you this very simple size guide (but we like to explain things in details)!

In reality, to choose the size of its menstrual cup, only the flow counts.

With the classic menstrual protections (tampon or pads), many people have difficulties to evaluate the volume of blood lost. And it is normal! The use of a menstrual cup has the beneficial effect (among others) of allowing you to better know your period.
The width of your vagina does not really matter, because the walls of the vagina always touch each other if there is nothing inside.
Moreover, to use a telling image, if you are used to using tampons, you have given birth and you have a weak flow, you opt for small tampons, and they do not fall out of your vagina.
For your menstrual cup, it is the same! The 3mm of diameter of difference between the various models of cups do not constitute an obstacle neither with their comfort, nor with their behaviour.

From an anatomical point of view:

The cup cannot be too small. We have written a complete article on this subject.
The cup cannot be too big, because the vagina is the most elastic part of the human body.

However, if you have never had sex or if you have vaginismus, the size L can be impressive (and this is not valid in all cases, and it depends on the relationship you have with your body)
That's why in these 2 cases only, we advise to start with a size S or M, even if anatomically, a size L would not be a problem.

How do I know my flow?

We have set up an equivalence system to help you easily choose the model that suits you.

Choose La Cup size S if you have a light to medium flow

i.e. at the height of your flow:
- You wear Classic / Regular tampons
- You can keep your pad for more than 6 hours before it overflows

Dimensions of the Luneale S Cup: Useful capacity 20ml | Diameter 40mm | Height 50mm

Choose La Cup size M if you have a medium to heavy flow

i.e. at the height of your flow:
- You wear Super / Maxi tampons
- You can keep your pad between 3 and 6 hours before it overflows

Dimensions of the Luneale M Cup: Useful capacity 25ml | Diameter 43mm | Height 52mm

Choose La Cup size L if you have a heavy to very heavy flow

i.e. at the height of your flow:
- You wear SuperPlus tampons
- You can only keep your pad for less than 3 hours before it overflows

Dimensions of the Luneale L Cup : Useful capacity 30ml | Diameter 46mm | Height 51,5mm

If you come from another brand of menstrual cup:

If after 8 hours it is still half full/empty: choose a smaller capacity
If its capacity is convenient for you (full or almost full after 8 hours): choose an equivalent capacity
If you consider that it is too full too quickly: choose a larger capacity.

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