La Cup Tonic

The tonic version of La Cup is now available in extremely limited quantities.

It is 40% firmer than the classic version, making it ideal if you have a very strong pelvic floor or prefer cups with more rigidity.
La Cup Tonic is identical to La Cup Luneale in its sizes, shape, and composition.

Size S
The toned version of La Cup is now available in extremely limited quantities.

It is 40% firmer than the classic version, making it ideal if you have a very strong pelvic floor or prefer cups with more rigidity.

And as always:
✔️ Ergonomic shape without a stem: zero sensation when worn, no rubbing or discomfort when sitting or doing sports.
✔️ The MoonPad®, our patented pre-pinched grip area, prevents handling errors and is particularly recommended if you use an intrauterine device (IUD).
✔️ Made in France 🇫🇷 (near Lyon)
✔️ 100% medical-grade platinum silicone, without dyes, additives, or nanoparticles.

Size S: Capacity 20ml | Light to medium flow
If you typically use regular tampons at the peak of your flow or can wear your pad for more than 6 hours. Diameter: 40mm - Height 50mm

Size M: Capacity 25ml | Medium to heavy flow
If you typically use super tampons at the peak of your flow or can wear your pad for 3 to 6 hours. Diameter: 43mm - Height 52mm

Size L: Capacity 30ml | Heavy to very heavy flow
If you typically use super plus tampons at the peak of your flow or can wear your pad for less than 3 hours. Diameter: 46mm - Height 51.5mm

The Luneale Cup is made from 100% medical-grade platinum silicone, which is the highest quality silicone with numerous properties. The silicone we use is non-toxic, stable, odorless, non-stick, hydrophobic, and sterilizable: it has the best biocompatibility.

It is also naturally bacteriostatic, meaning bacteria do not develop on its surface, which is essential for a menstrual cup.

The Luneale Cup is guaranteed to be free of plastic, dyes, additives, silver nanoparticles, or bleaching agents.

Furthermore, our state-of-the-art molding process, carried out in France, ensures a flawless cup with crystal-clear transparency.

96% of people who have compared it prefer it to other menstrual cups.

Why you love it.

Thanks to the MoonPad®, the patented pre-pinched base of La Cup Luneale created with Midwives and an Ergonomist, La Cup Luneale offers you:

✅ Unmatched comfort: no stem bothers you while wearing it, no matter your activities.

✅ Easier use and natural handling

✅ Maximum safety, as the suction effect is minimized during removal since you have to pinch the base. It's an additional safety measure, especially if you're wearing an IUD.

luneale cup menstruelle transparente fabriquee en france silicone

Why switch to La Cup ?

luneale cup menstruelle confortable fabriquee en france resp
Ultimate comfort

Designed for zero discomfort, zero sensation. You'll almost forget you're on your period.

cup menstruelle facile a utiliser luneale fabrication francaise coupe menstruelle coupelle resp
Easy use

Insertion, placement, and removal are done with completely natural and instinctive movements.

cup menstruelle bon pour la santé flore vaginale luneale coupe menstruelle resp
Preserved microbiota

La Cup does not absorb: your vaginal flora is not compromised, reducing dryness and intimate discomfort.

coupe menstruelle coupelle regles cup menstruelle pour faire du sport luneale resp

You can swim, move around, engage in your favorite sport: you won't feel it, and it won't leak.

porter une cup menstruelle la nuit règles coupelle luneale resp
Night & Day use

You can wear it for up to 8 hours straight, day and night.

cup menstruelle ecologique bio durable responsable francaise luneale resp

Nothing to throw away, little water for maintenance, the best carbon footprint of all period products.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Hoang Kim Nguyen
Elle tient mieux sa position

Ma précédente cup luneale finissait par tourner de sa position initiale si bien que je devais un peu galérer pour trouver la pince pour la retirer. Soit qu'elle avait fait son temps, soit mon périnée est effectivement trop musclé (je le sollicite beaucoup au yoga et au pilates). Avec la version tonique de la cup, je n'ai plus ce problème !

Une dinguerie !

J’avais depuis qq année la classique. J’ai acheté il y a un mois la cup Tonique en taille moyenne, elle est top : ni fuite ni inconfort et à la piscine c’est super pratique :)

Ça a changé ma vie !

Cela fait depuis 2016 que je porte une cup, j'utilisais celle avec une tige et j'ai commencé à utiliser la cup Luneale en 2020, je préfère bien mieux sans la tige, c'est beaucoup plus facile à retirer. Je recommande vraiment !

How to use it ?

Insert, live, remove, wash. Repeat.

Fold the Cup using the method that suits you, then gently insert it into your vagina.

You can keep it in place for up to 8 hours (varies depending on your flow and the size of the cup chosen) and go about your day as usual.

Remove it by pinching the MoonPad, then clean it by rinsing with clean water or using La Mousse or Les Wipes.

Consult the interactive user manual
coupe menstruelle cup règles luneale utilisation fabriquée en france

Frequently asked questions

Regardless of your age or whether you've given birth vaginally or not: choose the size based on your flow, according to the equivalence chart with disposable pads we have established (in the case of the question, size S).

This advice applies if you have undergone proper pelvic floor rehabilitation. Otherwise, the Cup may slip, but don't go up a size, as it would only delay the issue: you will need to re-tone your pelvic floor (which is important).

If you have a light flow, yes. Otherwise, choose the size that suits your flow. Don't worry, there's only a 3mm difference in diameter between each cup size, so it won't affect your comfort.